Hello Everyone and welcome! Soon we will have a new look and name! We are aiming to open in the Autumn of 2018.

Previously, this site has strictly been to showcase my artwork and nothing more. After many years of training and perfecting techniques and skills (which is never finished), we will start our business carrying out a long-time dream. That dream is to live out the fantasies we played growing up and in our minds. No one is ever too old to do this!

We make fantasy corsets, headdresses, and other magical accessories. Our focus is on helping you invoke your inner muse.

We currently post a few of our designs on Instagram: Eisblume_Design. 

I will notify you of the name change and when we open as we draw closer to the date. At that time, I will create a monthly mailing list so you will always be in the loop, receive short stories and poems of fantasy-filled muses written by me, and can follow along with the muses we bring out in others. Hopefully, one will be yours! 

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site!  If you ever wish to reach out to us for suggestions or questions, email us:


Have a fantasy-filled magical day!